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Motorcycle Universal Hand Signals Chart

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Motorcycle hand signals are important for all riders to know and understand, since not everyone (riders or drivers) use two-ways radio equipments.  In most states, riders have to understand the hand signals, in order to pass the license exams.

Communicate with other drivers, riders by signaling your intentions. A false signal is as dangerous as none at all.  When you need to make a lane change, use your electric turn signal and then check to see if the driver behind you has reacted.  DON'T REPLY on the other driver "seeing you".

As you're riding in group, periodically check your review mirror to make sure the person behind you isn't falling behind.  Otherwise, your riding buddies could not see the hand signals or electric signals. 

Therefore, we have the motorcycle two-ways communicator for riders.  With ChatterBox communicators, riders can communicate days and nights, and inform others if there's road hazard ahead.


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